We offer services in the field of automation systems
applications for machines tools and devices, as well
as comprehensive modernization.


We make or modernize machines and equipment for special tasks according to customer requirements.
We also integrate industrial robots with production station for individual customer indications.

Since February 2004, we have been a distributor of EIectronics Inc ( USA). The offer includes surface strengthening controls and intensity measuring instruments and materials (Almen Gages , Almen Strips).

heavy automation robot arm machine in smart factory industrial,Industry 4.0 concept


1992 r.

The beginning of our business

2004 r.

We become a distributor of EIectronics Inc.

2005 r.

We become a member of Association of Aviation Industry Entrepreneurs Group AVIATION VALLEY

2007 r.

We won the competition of INNOVATOR PODKARPACIA in the category of micro enterprise.



Numerically controlled machines

  • performing an analysis of the work of any machine and presenting alternative solutions for repair or modernization,
  • development of technical design in the field of drives, CNC system, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics,
  • replacing an outdated SN system with a modern CNC system,
  • selection and installation of drive and spindle drives,
  • design and delivery of drives with current transmissions,
  • equipping the machine with safety systems in accordance with current safety standards (curtains and light barriers, guards, safety relays).


We supplay Electronics Inc. products which are used in Shot Peening technology. It is helpful to improve resilience of the material by surface treatment.

Increases of the demand on stronger, softer and lighter metals elements used in aviation, automotive, railway industry as also other environments like medicine, power engineering, we proviede the higest quality of Electronics Inc. products.
Alemen Gages, Almen Strips, MagnaValve are parts used in Shot Peening technology. More over we have in our offer sensors detect media flow, Almen strip holders, coverage check tools, Almen gages and rotary flap peening products.

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field. Warning - authentic shooting in challenging conditions. A little bit grain and maybe blurred.


Check out our projects

During the long-term activity of our company, we had the opportunity to participate in many interesting and developing projects. Of all the realizations, we would like to present you some of them: