Sales and advice on the term of use ELECTONICS Inc. products

Since 2004, we are the distributor of Electronics Inc. – the American company which is the leader in production of components used in the shot peening and blast cleaning processes.
We have many years of experience in the selection of equipment for machine construction, using elements for controlling and regulating the flow of shot and equipment for measuring the intensity of the surface hardening process. Based on the experience we have gained, we offer the highest-class components used in shot peening, glass slide and other processes, such as:

  • MagnaValve valves to control shot flow during the shot peening process
  • shot flow regulators and sensors,
  • Almena meters (Almen Gage), sensors for measuring the deflection of Almena strips (Almen Strips),
  • a wide range of types and sizes of Almena strips (Almen Strips) for measuring the intensity of the surface hardening process.


We also offer technical and design support in the field of application of the above-mentioned elements in machines:

  • selection and delivery of control devices ensuring the desired process parameters – flow regulators, valves, sensors,
  • execution of modernization works on machines with casters and pneumatic nozzles,
  • delivery of measuring instruments to verify the quality of treatment.
  • cooperation in the design of the control system for the surface hardening machine,

More information on the offered products can be found on the Electronics Incorporated website