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We offer many different ways of modernizing client's current machine park:  

Manual machine tools:

upgrades of relay controls to PLC based controls with ability for future modifications,

 upgrading manual machine with digital position displays,

re-engineering manual machine  to turn it into CNC machine. Te new machine will have improved performance and capabilities of CNC tool.

NC and CNC machine tools:

analysis of current machine and presentation of alternative rebuilding and retrofitting solutions,

composition of projects in areas of drives, CNC, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic,

upgrades of old NC system to new CNC,

selection and construction of axis  and spindle drivers, 

design and delivery of axis driving systems with ball screws,

selection and delivery of tool heads,

machine upgrades with safety systems designed for current safety regulations (light curtains and barriers, shields, safety relays etc).

Shoot peening and abrasive blast cleaning machines:

analysis of  process accuracy and stability,

selection and delivery of shot control valves (Magna Valve),

  shot flow sensors selection and delivery,

design and construction of flow control systems and control systems of the entire machine for precise work output,   

retrofitting of shot flow control, pneumatic transport, and dust collector systems,

design and construction of positioning drives for blast peening nozzles,

safety repairs including installation of proper door interlocks and safety relays.

Distribution of ELECTRONIC Inc. products and their use  consultation:

Magna Valves for shot flow control,

shot flow controllers and sensors,

Almen Gages,

big selection of Almen strips for process intensity measurements.

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